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Palamos Prawns with Potatoes and Aillioli

In our series of festive recipes in accordance with the mediterranean diet we recommend trying this satiating potatoes and prawns recipe.

Aioli Ingredients



Peal and slice potatoes into cylinder shapes , emptying them as if they were a “shot glass”. Dip in olive oil at 115 degrees C for 16 minutes, remove, place on kitchen paper and reserve in the fridge.

Add an egg, garlic and paprika to the olive oil.  Proceed with the automatic mixer, assembling the allioli,  adjusting for salt and reserve. Sauté red prawns “palamos” tails on pan , reserve.

Fry the fine garlic until its golden brown, avoid burning. Use a frying pan adding abundant olive oil, raising to 220 C. Fry potato cylinders until golden brown, adding a little salt. Fill them with pimenton (paprika) and allioli, placing a shrimp on top as “glass topping” , in turn covering the prawn with thin slices of fried garlic. Present in trays of 4 units.