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Lamb Shanks with Anchovy Dressing

In our series of festive recipes in accordance with the mediterranean diet we recommend trying this delectable Confit Lamb Shanks recipe.

Recipe for 4 people

Dressing Ingredients



Put the lamb shanks in a pot and cover them with the chicken broth. Add salt, pepper, olive oil, tomato paste, a little vinegar, a bunch of herbs with rosemary and your herbs, put on a low heat for an hour and a half, let it cook slowly.

In a container glass, put the eggs together with the anchovies, mix it, add the oil, and create an Anchovy mayonnaise, add pepper, not salt.

In a frying pan, in abundant oil, fry the gnocchi, drain the excess oil, season them with salt, pepper and dried oregano, serve as an accompaniment with a base of anchovy mayonnaise.