About us

For over 10 years, we’ve been dedicated to sourcing the finest produce Spain has to offer for some of the UK’s top chefs.

Pursuing only the best – whether it’s meats, seafood, ham, legumes, cheese or charcuterie – for the foodservice and retail industries, we source products you’d also find in the kitchens of top Spanish chefs, who have the luxury of choosing from a vast array of local produce.

We now offer the UK consumer the opportunity to shop in our on-line store, from available select ingredients for Mediterranean cuisine, already chosen by some of the best chefs in the UK and Spain!

But that’s not all. We listen to our customers’ needs and offer value-added services. These include meat and seafood special cuts, new products, portion control, and other bespoke requirements. We are committed to offering the highest levels of care and flexibility that our customers demand.

All this is made possible by the close relationships we’ve built with producers over the years, and the deep understanding we have of the way they work. We share the same Spanish origins and are in close proximity, enabling us to meet the exact demands of our discerning customers.

Iberflavours, is determined to become a major player in the growing UK market for gourmet products.

Our philosophy is always the same

– only the best is good enough –