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Carabinero Prawns with Black Butifarra

In our series of festive recipes in accordance with the mediterranean diet we recommend trying this hearty Cardinal prawns and sausage recipe.  



Use frying pan, adding the onion cut into julienne strips. Add salt and pepper, start to fry, when  almost cooked, add two tablespoons of brown sugar.  Make sure the conjugate is caramelised and of a rather brown color.

Peel the carabinero king prawn, leaving head and end of the tail intact, making cuts along the tail so that it remains as straight as possible. Mark over with  intense heat on each side for 3 minutes, season with garlic and parsley.

Cut the black sausage in two, and mark one of the halves on the grill until hot. Proceed to assemble dish in the following order:

Create a bed of caramelised onion, placing a half sausage on top, adding a layer of bechamel on top of the sausage and carefully place the carabinero along the béchamel sauce. Top dish with a drop of olive oil.