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Santander Style Cod (Bacalao Cántabro)

In our series of Spanish recipes in accordance with the mediterranean diet we recommend trying the classic Bacalao Cántabro recipe: a typical delicious and creamy recipe of Northern Spain.

Recipe for 4 people

Prep Time Cook Time
10 mins   35 mins



Wash the cod loins in a bowl of water. Dry them and remove any potential bones.

Chop the onions and put them to fry in a flat earthenware dish with oil if you have one. Otherwise a casserole will do.

Once the onions are brown, add a pinch of flour, the wine and the water.

Allow to simmer gently adding plenty of chopped parsley, the garlic previously crushed in a mortar and lemon juice.

Stir the dish and proceed to add the cod, leaving it to cook for another quarter of an hour.

Correct the level of salt.

Serve in the same earthenware dish.