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Black Paella (Paella Negra)

In our series of mediterranean recipes in accordance with the mediterranean diet we recommend trying this Black Paella recipe: a delicious twist to the world famous Spanish paella.

Black Paella, locally called Paella Negra or Arròs negre is a Valencian and Catalan dish made with cuttlefish (or squid) and rice, somewhat similar to seafood paella.The dish’s black color comes from squid ink which also enhances its seafood flavour.

Prep Time Cook Time
15 mins   40 mins

Servings: 6 people


    • 600g Paella Rice
    • 1.25 litres of fish and shellfish stock 
    • 500g of cuttlefish
    • 1/2 chopped onion
    • 4 cloves of chopped garlic. 
    • 2 ripe peeled tomatoes 
    • Chopped parsley 
    • 100% Arbequina Olive Oil


Put the oil and a little salt in a paella pan or cast iron pan, and when it is hot add the onion and fry gently until golden.

Add the cuttlefish, shortly afterwards the garlic, tomato and fry.

Add the paprika and parsley, stir so that the cuttlefish releases its ink.

Add the rice, fry a little and add the stock.

Check the salt and leave to dry the first 5 minutes on a high heat and the remaining 15 minutes on low heat.

You can add fantastic
Carabineros (Red Prawns) for color contrast.


Serve it in it’s paella pan and share.