One of Iberflavours’ commitments is to ensure our customers with high quality standards. The products we offer are also recognised as fine specialty food in Spain and can only be found in fine food stores. This authenticity and quality is achieved by small artisan producers, usually based in farms in the country side, who are passionately involved in what they do. There are different official organizations that control the origin and/or production methods, ensuring authenticity and traditional production methods. Descriptions of products in our catalogue include accomplished quality symbols and certifications.



Protected Origin Denomination- Denominación de origen protegida (D.O.P.)

Is the name of a region or place used to define  farm produce or food which originates from a specific area. Quality and characteristics are due to the specific geographic conditions. The whole transformation process from raw material farming to packing must be accomplished within the area. Producers that make use of their DO commit themselves to keep quality at its highest and use certain traditional production processes as, for example in wine, some zones demand the usage of the traditional grape of the area. There are public organizations that regulate the origin denomination and authorizes producers in their zone that satisfy official requirements to use their symbol.

Protected Geographic Indication- Indicación geográfica protegida (I.G.P.) –

In the protected geographic indication (IGP) the geographic link is at least in one of the production, transformation or process stages. The specific characteristics that are most appreciated by consumers are often given by the process and not by origin of the raw material.

Traditional Speciality Warrant -Especialidad Tradicional Garantizada (E.T.G)

The Traditional Speciality Warrant (ETG) isn’t linked to an origin but enhances a product’s traditional composition or a traditional production method.

Q Seal of Food quality- Marca Q de Calidad Alimenticia

Given to high quality food products with differentiated characteristics from other similar products. An official control to ensure quality. This is a seal from the Generalitat of Catalunya.