All our products are artisan and represent the very top end of their markets. They have been sourced by our team and assessed by expert gourmets after a thorough research of the finest suppliers.

Our catalogue is updated periodically, always keeping an eye on the highest quality level though ensuring a continuous supply of the most demanded products. Our base in Spain allows us the closest relationships with our suppliers and to respond to our customers in a short space of time.

Our range includes:

Olive Oils and Vinegars

Our olive oils are obtained from mature exceptional “arbequina” olives from the Priorat region of Cataluña. The vinegars and vinaigrettes in our catalogue bring to life even the simplest of salads.

Rice and Pulses

Intense tasting rice dishes such as “Arroz a Banda” or “Arroz Negro”, prepared in 15 minutes will transport customers straight to the shores of the Mediterranean. Prize winning pulses selected by hand and innovative “escaldadas” take traditional dishes to a new dimension.

Vegetable Conservas

Vegetables, selected from the best of their regions picked and prepared by expert hands, will satisfy the most demanding palates.

Sea Food Conservas

Shell fish from the Rias Gallegas with the authentic taste of the sea that erupt on the palate. Our Cantabrian Sea, line caught, Yellow fin tuna, should be eaten on its own so its full flavour can be savoured.

Free Range Game

Quail and partridge distinguished by their smooth and tender texture, marinated in a delicious escabeche of vinegar, oil, wine, laurel leaves and pepper.

Cured and Cold Meat

Succulent, fine and delicately flavoured “embutidos” cured for months to obtain their distinctive, delicious characteristics.

Delicious artisan cheeses preserved in virgin olive oil and infused with herbs.

Cherries in aguardiente (sugar cane brandy), “Zoupeiros” sweet figs, pure rosemary honey or juicy whole peaches are just some of our sweet delicacies...


Creamy white Marcona almonds and naturally sweet hazelnuts are the first delicacies to occupy this category but we will adding new delights very soon.