At Maldonado, the best lines of 100% pure breed iberian pigs are picked and maintain a direct control over the whole breeding process, ensuring a quiet life, free range, using the feed the “dehesa” of Extremadura provides: acorns, pasture, tubercles, etc. To keep loyal to the purity of the breed means that the pig grows slower, and is slaughtered at the age of twenty two to twenty four months versus the eight to twelve months of crossed iberian pigs. The exceptional raw material used, together with strictly traditional, artisan techniques result in products with original textures, aromas and taste.
When cut, the ham shows an intense red appearance with the thin fat infiltrations,  so characteristic of the breed. The essence of the “dehesa” and acorns comes in a complex and delicate taste which is surprisingly devoid of salt and instead remarkably sweet. Simply unique.
All the products from Maldonado entered to the Great Taste Awards have received a  recognition to their high standard of quality, since in last year’s edition the judges prized the cured loin and chorizo with 2 stars. Another product from Maldonado that has never been entered to the awards is the Albarragena ham, the first DNA-certified ham in the world.
Iberflavours is the distributor of the Maldonado range in the United Kingdom and is supplying restaurants and specialized retail.