from Spain


Iberflavours SL, distributor of exclusive, artisan Spanish food products to specialised retailers and caterers, is now proud to be operating in the UK.


Restaurants and specialised fine food outlets in the United Kingdom are now able to order an exciting new range of Spanish gourmet products sourced for their market leading quality and ethical production methods.


Spain's varied geography provides a vast array of delicacies. Whether it's the sun-soaked villages of Andalucia in the south, the vast plains of La Mancha, the spectacular heights of the northern mountains, Galicia's rugged hills dropping into the rough Atlantic in the northwest or the Mediterranean climate along the east coast, every region of Spain produces rich, delicious food that evokes the sun, soil, and spirit of the country.


Iberflavours brings authentic Spanish culinary gems to the UK prepared with the finest quality ingredients by artisan, family owned companies. All are the finest producers in their field.


Oils and vinegars that bring to life the simplest of salads, intense tasting “Fideuà” transporting diners to the shores of the Mediterranean, sea food bursting with flavour and exciting sweet delicacies to indulge the senses are only a few examples of our exciting catalogue.


Being based in Barcelona we are able to maintain the closest relationships with our suppliers and spot the latest developments in Spanish cuisine as and when they happen. Our products are the real deal, totally authentic and representive of the best of Spain right now.