Welcome to Iberflavours


Iberflavours supplies Spanish gourmet food to independent retailers and caterers in the United Kingdom

Iberflavours sources Spain’s highest quality artisan gourmet food for independent retailers and caterers in the United Kingdom. We are committed to excellence not only in the quality of our products but also in our standards of service.
Our philosophy is based on three simple values:





We believe that the secret of good food is the selection of the best ingredients and the use of skilled, artisan production methods to safely maintain their exceptional characteristics.



When we source a product we conduct exhaustive research in the producer, their quality of ingredients and cooking methods. Our producers are masters in their fields who prefer the term “prepare” than produce when it comes to their products, demonstrating in this distinction their personal involvement and passion for fine food.



Prepared from local, traditional recipes and made in the old fashioned way: by hand, with patience and dedication.


We are committed to these values when sourcing our products and to excellent customer service so that the supply of authentic Iberian food through Iberflavours becomes a unique, enjoyable experience in the UK. Download our catalogue to find out more about our products.